Financial Life Planning

Not all major life expectations involve finances, but all major life expectations should involve your Financial Life Planner. Though financial planning is a very important part of what we offer, financial life planning encompasses our team’s greatest passion.


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Financial Life Planning

Our Discovery Process

We utilize a personalized, in-depth discovery process to help our clients identify what their money means to them. Understanding this core value of our clients’ lives has become the cornerstone of our entire financial life planning process.

Life Events and Transitions

As we accompany our clients through major changes and decisions, we guide them to understanding how certain life events may modify their financial, and life, plans. This process instils in them the confidence to navigate through some of life’s most intimidating, uncertain times. Our services are extended to clients’ families – personal or professional – as we could never hope to fully understand our clients’ lives without first understanding the family that surrounds them.

Red Carpet Service

Our standard of care extends far beyond what is practiced, or expected, in the industry. Our entire team embraces a fiduciary spirit and proactively seeks ways to enhance our valued client relationships. This spirit has been woven into the fabric of our firm, and it truly is the relationships we have with our valued clients that sets us apart.

Retirement Guidance

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Your Unique Retirement

Retirement does not look the same for everyone. We discover what retirement means to our individual clients and develop a financial plan that helps them to achieve their own personal ideals and expectations.

Estate Planning and Trusts

Your Legacy

We understand the importance of estate planning and ensuring your heirs are taken care of beyond your life, but we also understand there’s much more to what you leave behind than only your assets. We utilize innovative planning tools to ensure your values, your life philosophies, and even your fondest memories are part of the planning process and are reflected in your will.


Your Trust

As your wealth grows, life can often become more complicated. Our advisors specialize in creating trusts that will reflect your desires, wishes, and values.

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Asset and Portfolio Management

Our Wealth Management Discipline

Through our discretionary money management arm, R2 Managed Assets, we provide a disciplined, defensive approach to asset and wealth management. It is this framework and philosophy that drives our methodology to deliver protection in down markets and quality participation in up markets.

Portfolio Management & Planning Tools

We provide you with an advanced online wealth management portal. It’s not just a planning tool, it’s a platform for a collaborative client-advisor experience.

You can have your entire portfolio – including important documents, cash flow statements, and balance sheets – right at your fingertips in one secure place. With these tools that help create a truly fulfilling relationship, our clients become more connected with our advisors and more engaged in the financial life planning process.

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